Ammonite is a Fiddler extension that makes it easy
to find common vulnerabilities in web applications.

People Talking

  • Tom W.


    Finally, a security scanner created by security pros that wasn't made with Java.

  • George P.

    Recipient of Business End

    Dude, my site is being lit up by an IP in DC!

  • Steve K.

    Penetration Tester


    It's like someone read my mind and created a web app scanner.

  • Erin M.

    Security Consultant


    Ammonite is fast, lightweight, effective and super configurable.

  • Sean E.

    Consulting Director


    Ammonite's results stack up against far more expensive scanners. Why pay more if you don't have to?

Because that buffer isn't going to overflow itself.

Thirty day free trial, no purchase required.